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Mazda Australia corporate office headquarters

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Phone Number : 1800034411

Address :211A Wellington Rd, Mulgrave VIC 3170, Australia

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Twitter ID : @MazdaAus

Mazda Australia
Average rating:  
 16 reviews
 by M Hussain

Very bad experience with Mazda Liverpool. Unprofessional team and bad in quality and poor services. Never recommend

 by Angry Person

What customer service? Just a bunch of totally incompetant lying lazy useless cunts.

 by Gill Barry

I brought my new CX5 6 months ago from Newcastle Mazda and it's back in for repair for the 3rd time. Faulty battery, car won't start, handbrake won't release, boot won't open, senor staying on, istop operating whenever it felt like it.

Apparently because it's a minor part that's causing the issues to my car then my complaints are not considered as major !! being left stranded multiple times with a car that won't work isn't major !!!!!!!!

Now I'm in the process of actually trying to get someone to return phone calls and take my issues seriously. I just want a refund and to make the whole sorry mess that is my CX5 to go away.

My last Mazda didn't miss a beat and was a workhorse, which is why I brought another Mazda without hesitation. NEVER AGAIN.

 by Pauline

I purchased a Mazda 3 in 2016 which was 2yrs old and couldn’t fault it, well that was UNTIL I had to replace the battery in 2019 and since then nothing but problems with the istop. I have taken it back and rang them and of cause when they take the car out the back to check it, it comes back working and they say there’s nothing wrong it’s working, so not happy as it makes a very big difference to the fuel consumption and its never missed a service. I have been speaking to other people and it seems I am not alone as they too are having the same problem. The other problem I have is I wanted them to update my nav and was also told they no longer update old models as all the new ones are coming with google play so grin and bear it (not in those words) or connect to your iPhone for navigation, not good enough. I definitely won’t be recommending Mazda to anyone or buying another one. If you are having the same problem please let me know

 by mija

I bought new car afew month ago. it has serious issue, so lodged case. Mazda says they will investigate and contact me in 3-5 days. It has passed over 2 weeks , Mazda has not contacted me. I called mazda almost everyday left message asking case manager to call me back. But I have not heard from him(his name "Victor") . VERY DISAPPOINTED with car and MAZDA Respone to customer. I have no car at the moment, having difficult transport. MAZDA did not even offer rent car. NEVER BUY CAR AGAIN.

 by Bruce Dalgleish

I brought my Mazda 6 Atensia in 2015 from Bendigo Mazda It was recalled to replace the turbo and they were told that the engine management and oil lights kept coming on all they did was turn them off the car was there for 6 weeks ,got it back the warning lights came back on, I then took it to Ballarat Mazda it is now still there and the motor taken out because it has an oil issue , I live in the country and cannot get a car to use while waiting for mine unless they get the ok from Mazda for me to have a car which is crazy what sort of a company has to get permission for a replacement car and by the way if Mazda think I am going to pay for the faults that should have been fixed first place they want to think again as there is no way I am paying for there neglects, when i get the car back it is gone I will never by another Mazda and I will tell all my friends never by a Mazda

 by Bruce Dalgleih

I wrote a review a few days ago about how Mazda are stuffing me around with my Mazda6 which they have not put up as yet ,the staff at Ballarat Mazda are great , I brought mine from Bendigo Mazda It is the top of the Range full leather But Mazda are stuffing the staff around if this keeps up by Mazda I will go to Current Affair and see what Mazda do Then ,if anyone would like to join me please do

 by Tania

If you are considering buying a mazda, take my advice and run away. The dealerships ignore you once they have your cash. Mazda Australia don't return phone calls or emails. Its a horrible process andbleaves us with sub syandard support and potentially dangerous cars. Run run run away f r om mazda

 by mandi

I bought a brand new Mazda 2 in 2017 has hardly been driven, always serviced on time, I have had nothing but continuous problems with battery, electricals in the dash and the brakes. I believe I bought a brand new lemon car. constantly being repaired. Now I have to have it fixed yet again and its now out of warranty. I will be getting rid of this car and will never by a Mazda again. The Mazda service people do not do a proper service and you still have to pay hundreds of dollars only to take it back for the same issue. I will never recommend anyone buying a Mazda.... Extremely dissapointed... I give Mazda a rating of 0

 by Salina

I bought my Mazda 2 from Southport mazda in QLD in Dec 2019 and have had issues with it since the first week with the breaks screeching, gears slipping out whilst going through or around roundabouts. It started rolling back at lights or roundabouts (apparently this is normal), a few months ago i was driving up my driveway and halfway the car front dropped loudly and turned off. Since then it has been scary to drive with the car front feeling like it has flat tyres or going to come off but aren't, steering is heavier one side and the car shutters with noises from the front. I have taken it in a few times to be checked only to be told i warped the back drums bc i was told i had driven with the handbrake on, (it would of needed extreme heat for that and driven a fair distance with them on). the car was given a chip update, and I had to pay for a wheel alignment and told that was the issue that they can't find with the front even though they requested for a new gearbox under warranty that was rejected.

I have been palmed off, lied to my face about the issues, ive been flat out talked to like a idiot and it was my driving and treatment of the car. The first service the breaks screeching and gears slipping wasn't documented and told it wasn't mentioned before 15000km. The car is getting worse and worse and very scary to drive with nothing being done... i have had nothing but issues with the car and the employees. I love the car but my experience with it and the dealership is a huge disappointment.

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Mazda Australia
Average rating:  
 16 reviews
 by M Hussain

Very bad experience with Mazda Liverpool. Unprofessional team and bad in quality and poor services. Never recommend

 by Angry Person

What customer service? Just a bunch of totally incompetant lying lazy useless cunts.

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Mazda Headquarters Info

You can find the corporate head office address and headquarters in Mulgrave VIC 3170. Most of the operations handled from this Mazda Australia corporate headquarter.

  • Address: Mazda headquarters is completely transparent when it comes to contact information and location of the Mazda. You can address any letters to this corporate headquarters office to:

211A Wellington Rd, Mulgrave VIC 3170, Australia.

  • Phone Number: Call +61 1800 034 411 to reach someone at Mazda headquarters. As soon as you speak with a representative, you should have a fair solution to your problem that is relatively fast, You can contact during Monday to Friday: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm and Saturday to Sunday: Closed. We suspect the corporate head office is also open during these times.
  • Email: As an alternative, you can email Mazda at that may help spread the word about your problem. You can also contact someone close to the corporate office by emailing the Media Help department.
  • Website: You can use their website and contact any department for general help. there is no dedicated website for Mazda headquarters.

Mazda Headquarters Executive Team

Meet the team providing strong leadership to Mazda headquarters. Below are some executive team members name of Mazda corporate head office Australia.

  • Martin Benders : Managing Director
  • Vinesh Bhindi : Sales Director
  • Alastair Doak : Marketing Director
  • Aldo Schepis : Customer Support Director
  • Tim Ballingall : Head of I.T
  • Amanda Marshall : Head of Finance
  • Jacinta Spedding : Head of H.R

Mazda corporate office addresses

Corporate addresses
Mazda (Australia)  211A Wellington Rd, Mulgrave VIC 3170, Australia

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