Corporate Office Headquarters

Head Office Address : 1 Lyon Park Rd, Macquarie Park, Sydney, NSW 2113

Phone Number : 133937

Email : info@optus.com.au

Web : https://www.optus.com.au/

Twitter ID : @Optus

Optus corporate office headquarters
Optus Australia
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 by No internet for a month

Optus is a nightmare

I have phoned 1300 India going on for nearly 4 weeks & still no landline & NO internet.

After 2 weeks of trying I contacted Telstra on saturday & explained what was going on & by tuesday morning i had an emergency phone. I am still waiting on Optus, who promised me an emergency phone over 3 weeks ago, along with the nbn tech that has not shown twice nor did Optus telephone me to tell me they had cancelled twice, & the new modem that has never arrived. This has caused me to be leaving Optus. Optus charge the same ss Telstra for internet BUT Telstra offer free calls whereas Optus I had to pay an expensive fee to use the phone to make any calls including local calls.

 by Rees Hunt

I have been charged for 2 internet modems since September 2022, when I only have one. I have been charged $79 for a "free" phone call from overseas to sort out my roaming. Optus would have to be the worst company at customer service as I have called at least 12 times and still nothing happens, even when they say it will. Then today I send an email to their email address on their website and it gets returned saying it doesn't exist. Please someone from Optus help us poor customers. my rating is one star, because thats the minimum one can put in, but in reality it's definitely a minus.

 by EG

I am a long term customer of Optus (going on 20 years). The situation with customer service now (Nov 22) is absolutely atrocious. Useless. Ongoing calls and requests for help go ignored or are hopelessly incompetent. What a tragic end to what was an originally a great Aussie company before Sintel destroyed it.

 by Dan Bui

Honestly, if I was able to rate 0 star, I would. I ordered a combo plan of iphone 13 pro max which comes with an apple watch series 7 and the watch is nowhere to be found while the phone is delivered a long time ago. I have called constantly about this problem and everytime, they would tell me to wait for their "supervisor" to call me on the delivery and they will also "follow up" on it too, eventually nothing happens and now I still haven't got my apple watch which is activated by the way. Now they have charged me 1 month fee for something I don't even own

 by Mrs P

My Daughter visited the Strathpine store today.

From were I was sitting out side the store I could see the aggressive body language from the store manager. He was right in her face. She went in to the store to order a new remote for her fetch. As she was told on the phone to do this. The manager said they no long do fetch. My Daughter who is 7 months pregnant was quite up set with the way he rolled to her.

With all the bad news Optus is getting right now, I would think the manager would be a bit more careful about his customers.

 by Eva

Absolutely shocking customer service. Calls get diverted to Philippines and its clear that they do not know how to respond to questions regarding current cyber attack. You cannot talk to anyone in Australia, they have no means to connect you to Australian Customer service. They ask you to walk into the Optus store if you want to talk to Australian agent.

Very poor service.

Head office phone number in Sydney is useless, the phone menu prompts don't work, eventually it will cut you off.

The worst customer service ever.

With the current cyber attack they confirm that your personal details have been stolen, your full name, email address, your passport number, drivers number and all the details on ID documents you have supplied yet no one knows (in Philippines) what to do apart from taking notes, and there is no one you can contact in Australia. Very frustrating!!!!

 by Dipesh


I have been in the Optus service for 4 years. Throughout the time, I was happy with the service. So I made my spouse change to Optus from other providers.

Recently I requested to add my spouse name on my account so that i can submit the document in the department which includes both our names and address. I don't know if I may not be able to communicate properly.

I have requested it many times. I requested through chat and all optus staff made me fooled. You can check my message history.

I know you don't care about one customer but I care about Optus. I went to Optus Perth stadium as it felt like my own stadium.

Now it hurts a lot. After my plan, we both decided to change the provider. Thank you Optus for 4 years together.



A/C number: 6231 5161 380

I tried to email but it was blocked

 by Jo

For a communications company, they employ individuals who have no idea how to, or what to communicate. Simple words from a customer do not even register. Cancelling an account should be a simple matter. A customer has a right to do that at any time, for whatever reason without having to provide an explanation. But at the end of now many calls, still for the account not to be closed. The Ombudsman needs to impose an exhorbitant fine for customer's rights to be protected

 by Nina

Not only is it difficult to understand what the Optus staff is saying, but they do not listen to the customer whose payments actually help pay for the staff's salary. Optus's licence to operate, I believe needs to be reviewed

 by Sameer

I wish if i could rate -5 star. customer service is so pathetic. People in the Optus call centre absolutely have no idea what are they doing. its been 4 month that i have signed the contracts with Optus for 4sim cards and 2 devices. firstly i got delivered the wrong devices. secondly they didn't send all the sim cards. and now they have charged me the amount of returned devices and put the bar on the service saying you have to pay the bill first to get your service back. such a shame.i have called them several times they just been transferring my call to different departments. Very frustrating.

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Optus Headquarters Info

You can find the corporate office address and headquarters in Sydney, NSW 2113. Most of the operations handled from this Optus Australia corporate headquarter.

  • Address: Optus headquarters is completely transparent when it comes to contact information and location of the Optus. You can address any letters to this corporate headquarters office to:

1 Lyon Park Rd, Macquarie Park, Sydney, NSW 2113.

  • Phone Number: Call 133 937 to reach someone at Optus headquarters. As soon as you speak with a representative, you should have a fair solution to your problem that is relatively fast, You can contact during Monday to Friday: 8:00 am – 9:00 pm and Saturday – Sunday: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm. We suspect the corporate office is also open during these times.
  • Email: As an alternative, you can email Optus at info@optus.com.au that may help spread the word about your problem. You can also contact someone close to the corporate office by emailing the Media Help department.
  • Website: You can use their website www.optus.com.au and contact any department for general help. there is no dedicated website for Optus headquarters.

Optus Headquarters Executive Team

Meet the team providing strong leadership to Optus headquarters. Below are some executive team members name of Optus corporate office Australia.

  • ALLEN LEW – CEO, Optus
  • BHARAT ALVA – Vice President, Information Technology (IT)
  • SUE BAILEY – Vice President, Future Of Yes
  • MATTHEW BALL – Vice President, SMB
  • KELLY BAYER ROSMARIN – Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Optus
  • JOHN CASTRO – Managing Director (Acting), Optus Wholesale & Satellite
  • NICHOLLE DUCE – Vice President (Acting), Human Resources
  • MURRAY KING – CFO, Group Consumer Group Finance
  • MAURICE MCCARTHY – Vice President, Retail and Channel Sales
  • PAUL O’SULLIVAN – Chairman, Singtel Optus Pty Limited
  • JOHN PAITARIDIS – Managing Director, Optus Business
  • VAUGHAN PAUL – Vice President, Digital Consumer
  • ANDREW SHERIDAN – Vice President, Regulatory & Public Affairs

Optus corporate office addresses

Corporate addresses
Optus (Australia)  1 Lyon Park Rd, Macquarie Park, Sydney, NSW 2113

Optus Headquarters Location & Directions

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Optus Australia FAQS

Q. Where is Optus Headquarters?
A. Optus headquarters is located at 1 Lyon Park Rd, Macquarie Park, Sydney, NSW 2113.

Q. What is Optus australia phone number?
A. Optus Australia Phone number is 133 937.

Q. Who owns Optus australia?
A. Optus Australia is wholly owned by Singtel.