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The Good Guys Australia
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 51 reviews
 by Pam

I bought Concierge Gold Extras but the useless thing wont let me log in so when I called the Call centre no one would lift a finger to help me. Worst company ever, your employees dont actually do any work, they just send the customer on a wild goose chase. I am beyond disgusted

 by Pam Neilands

Worst customer service ever online, instore and the call centre. I am traumatised

 by Tony

The Good Guys are drop-shippers, they don't have stock even when their website says they do. It's a deceptive practice and should be illegal. Don't buy from them, and don't trust anything the website says.

 by sean

I made a online order 17 days go by no product ring and put through to store fulfilling my order which they don’t have stock then ask me to transfer it to another store to for fill the order and I ask do they have stock ? well it says they have 15 in stock i tell them to ring and make sure so I don’t sit around another 17 days and then try telling me that they tried ringing me which couldn’t get a hold of me um message bank a option ? And also I would have got an email but no email.

they ring back yes they have them in stock I ask for express post and old no because i didn’t pay for it after explaining them the inconvenience then the story changes to they don’t do express post " so what is it you door you don’t ? " I then ask to speak to the store manager and asked her for her name why she asks that I would like to speak to the store manager and what her name is then she tells me " my name is administration "and hangs up the phone. i ring the store back she picks up the phone which again I ask for her name and she hangs the phone up again.

I again try to ring and get a guy this time and ask him to speak to the store owner and store manager I get put on hold I wait for several minutes then a junior store manager gets on the phone and introduce himself as Alex, her asked if it was about the computer speakers I said yes then he asks if I could my friend did you use abusive language towards the admin team earlier I said no but I was very stern and explained to him if the admin team wasn’t being as smart as they were towards me I wouldn’t have started to get wound up.

throughout the conversation he keeps calling me my friend " I’m not your friend " I tell him I ask for the ladies name that I last spoke to he asks why as I’m writing a official complaint and I would like to have the names and reflex to whom I was speaking to, then he said well you spoke to a few ladies I said I spoke to 2 so if I could have both the I can have that it in my complaint.

now in the mean time I’ve asked to speak to the store manager several times from which I’ve had the excuses that he is in a conference call meeting to serving a customer to being just unavailable now with regards to my letter I’m writing and the names I would like to put in it Alex tells me just to put his name in there i said no you are not the ladies I spoke to and want them to reflect their conduct well all I’m giving you is my name Alex so right here we go power hungry tripper then I ask for the store managers name Alex that’s not the store managers name well I’m the store manager on now that’s the name I’m giving you so I ask to speak to the store manager he is busy ill wait he is finishing at 4pm and on holidays for 2 weeks so that’s when you can talk to them then I said that’s not good enough being management have to make sacrifices and deal with problems well my friend you can speak to him in two weeks and i asked for his name all i got was Alex that’s all the name you need I told Alex that he is acting like a smartarse at which time he hung the phone up.

A little time latter my wife rang the store and asked to speak to the store manager which they transferred her to him she asked the lady for his name where she said Kieran which she handed the phone to me and he got on the phone which i asked him were you finishing at 4pm he said no i started to go into my problem which finely a person that can do his job the young lady who misinformed me about postage that i didn’t pay for it she’s new well there’s always when there is a stuff up like this they are always new and need training don’t know why even throw I was willing to wait why I didn’t even get transferred to him ?

Why I didn’t get his name? and finely was given the head store manager name was tony and yes was gone for 2 weeks but sorry if you can’t sort the problem out you move the problem up the chain of command not be a smart arse and just keep saying put Alex down this is unacceptable conduct by what you would call a poor floor manager if that.

Why would you bring your business to a store that is run like this they are not franchiser so anybody to be accountable for by the owner of the store just hope that the stupid customer would flap his gums and just go away No!

I have seen that there are a lot of people with same sort of problem customer service i own two businesses and both rely heavily on customer satisfaction and I have plenty of my customers coming back to me for over 30 years the best bit of advice I can give here is its simple but

Listen to your customer not go from A straight to Z do all the bits in the middle if you don’t have that sack them move them on get the person who will

 by Mish


I have just had my fridge delivered and Im a little stressed.

Im on my own so I paid for the premuim service. I struggled to get the doors off the old fridge this morning as I thought it would help the delivery go easier, I even used a trolly to get it out the front door.

I was informed my delivery would be at 1.50 - 4.50 I get a phone call at midday to say be there in half hour!, I informed the driver to come to the front. 12.30pm they pull up at the back, I tried to explained the old one is out the front ready to go and its easier to come in the front way, after repeating myself they moved the truck to the front, Im then told they cant take the old one as the doors are off, I said I struggled with it on my own to help you out. I said at least can you put it on the verge for me as a shire collection is due, im sure at this point they knew my frustration so taped the doors on and took it.

Sorry for the long winded rant Im a little wound up and stressed.

As you can tell Im dissapointed in the delivery service.

A total stressful transaction.

 by Lynda

Terrible service. A month a half without an oven and still waiting for help. As a concierge member, shit service!

 by Brett

Brought and paid for a lg 2 door fridge freezer from the good guys Ipswich. It was the last at the warehouse so the salesman held it for me, was told delivery would be the next day, postponed to the following day. After ringing to ask about delivery was told not on the truck ring you back. An hour latter they called said no delivery today, fridge was sold none left, nice work we are a family of 5 living out a 30 Ltr camping fridge for the past 2 weeks due to a storm. Was told can’t help you no replacement, nothing of another brand or anything, offered a $50 good guys credit. Wow like that helps us live. Ipswich good guys I will never be back or ever have anything nice to say about you to the world. Would have put zero stars but wasn’t allowed

 by Caroline Cairns

Done shop at Good Guys Joondalup. They cannot deliver on time and don't even contact you to say there is a problem. Give them a wide berth.

 by Fiona

Disgusted how I was treat at the Bathurst store this morning heaps of staff not many customers in store and could not get severed

I was going to buy a fridge

 by Kevin Rogers

I understand this may sound dramatic, but as this heat builds, there is now a threat to my life because of the poor communication at the Hervey Bay Good Guys Store.

In precis format.  I am a disable Veteran on a disability pension who has recently been diagnosed with COPD and a paralysed left diaphragm, hence my breathing is extremely difficult and heat exacerbates the issue.

I turned down Hervey Norman in Hervey Bay because the Good Guys guaranteed me delivery and installation of my Mitsubishi 7.1km Heavy Industries aircon on 2 December 2020.  I was in the store and witnessed them booking my job with the Installation Electrician.

Long story short....they failed me.  I rang up the electrician yesterday to confirm the installation for 2 December and he told me he had no idea what I was talking about.  I ordered 2 aircons and paid over $1,500 for the installation, neither of which were booked with him, in contradiction to the paperwork given to me by Good Guys HB.

When I received the printout from The Good Guys Store in Hervey Bay confirming the job was to be done on 2 December, I had to cancel a pre-paid holiday in order to have the installation done as it was important to have the installations done for my health.  When I cancelled the booking, I then had to pay more money for a holiday two weeks later with my family for Christmas.

I received a phone call from the electrician this morning saying, The Good Guys have one of the aircons in stock on hold for me since the date I paid for it (17 Nov 2020) and the earliest they could install it is 22 December 2020.  Because of this change of date from the original booking, I have now had to YET AGAIN cancel my holiday with my family for Christmas to have this aircon installed and all for my health.

This failure to supply what I paid for had put me out of pocket for more than monetary value, The Good Guys have RUINED MY CHRISTMAS with my family.

I intend to take this matter to the Department of Fair Trading as it is misappropriation of funds without providing the services paid for.

The stress this has caused myself, my wife and my family is immeasurable.

Please advise me if any action is going to be taken in relation to this matter.

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The Good Guys Australia
Average rating:  
 51 reviews
 by Pam

I bought Concierge Gold Extras but the useless thing wont let me log in so when I called the Call centre no one would lift a finger to help me. Worst company ever, your employees dont actually do any work, they just send the customer on a wild goose chase. I am beyond disgusted

 by Pam Neilands

Worst customer service ever online, instore and the call centre. I am traumatised

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  • Phone Number: Call +61 3 9330 5300 to reach someone at The Good Guys headquarters. As soon as you speak with a representative, you should have a fair solution to your problem that is relatively fast, You can contact during Monday to Friday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm and Saturday and Sunday: Closed. We suspect the corporate head office is also open during these times.
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The Good Guys (Australia)  60 City Rd, Southbank VIC 3006, Australia

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